Site policy

Auloma Holding S.r.l. appreciates your interest in it and your visit to our website Please read this document before using the site ("the Site").

By using this site you agree to the following Site Policy conditions.

1.Boundaries of the site policy

The Site Policy explains how the information on the Site should be used in a manner that does not infringe on copyright and the rules for connecting to the Site.

2.The use of information on this Site

The information disclosed by our website is done according to the company's criteria. We cannot guarantee that our websites will meet all customer requirements and that they will be available 24 hours a day, without interruptions, in safety and without errors. Auloma Holding S.r.l. works constantly on the Site in order to make the information as correct, complete and up to date as possible, but we cannot exclude tampering with the site by third parties in a fraudulent manner. The use of the website is the responsibility of the customer. We do not assume any liability for any effects caused by the use of the website and for the correctness of the information you obtain from our website. Under no circumstances may Auloma Holding S.r.l. be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of, or inability to use, the information on the Site or any of its linked sites.

3.Intellectual property

The contents of the Site are protected by Italian and international copyright laws, the entire content of the site (illustrations, text, descriptions, images, videos) is owned by Auloma Holding S.r.l.. All rights reserved.

The use or distribution of any unauthorized Site material may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws and is subject to civil law and criminal penalties.

The Site or part of it may not, unless otherwise indicated, be reproduced, duplicated, copied, transferred, distributed, stored or otherwise exploited for any commercial use without prior written permission from Auloma Holding S.r.l.. Fraudulent changes made by third parties to the contents of the Site are expressly prohibited.

The Site may contain images that are subject to the copyright rights of their respective suppliers.

4.Restrictions on the use of the site

Auloma Holding S.r.l. prohibits actions that have the purpose of:

  • Access through software and/or hardware tools for the systematic retrieval of information or for fraudulent use of its contents.

  • Create hyperlinks that point to hosted on external websites or published in commercial emails without the written approval of the company Auloma Holding S.r.l.

Any use of our website that could constitute criminal conduct is also prohibited. Any abuse will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

5.Links and sharing of site content on social media or blogs

The sharing of the contents of the site on social networks or blogs is reserved for Users who use them for exclusively personal purposes, such as Consumers, who therefore act for purposes unrelated to the business, commercial, artisan or professional activity possibly carried out. Consumer may share content on social media provided that the material in question is not in any way modified and are kept all information relating to intellectual property rights and / or industrial affixed therein. It is also forbidden to use any of the content available on our site for sharing on social networks or blogs that could constitute criminal conduct. Any abuse will be prosecuted by law.