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Attaphoto produces pinhole cameras, a device that uses the camera obscura principle to projecting an inverted image onto a standard photographic film size 135, 120 or on photographic paper. Thanks to our very small pinhole, the shots executed will be extremely sharp, obviously in the context of analogue photography performed by pinhole cameras.

When a shot becomes an art object

The most exaltation of analogue photography

Pinhole Cameras For Every Need

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Pinhole developed for maximum creative freedom

Attaphoto proposes a range of cameras for different photographic sets: landscapes, portraiture, wide-angle and other artistic situations, thanks to cameras with different focal measures dimensioned for a specific use.

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Show your sensitivity through photography

Image honesty without electronic mediation

Tricks and Secrets to shot photos with pinhole cameras

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The attaphoto guides on analogue photography

Attaphoto offers a section dedicated to the learning of techniques useful to engage in analog photography. This information ranges from photographic techniques to post-production such as development techniques.
Then read our guides on how to take analogue photographs using pinhole cameras in the best possible way.

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A countercurrent choice

Attaphoto Pinhole, how to be alternative in gestures becoming banal by contemporaneity

Attaphoto Magazine

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Articles and curiosities about analogue photography

During the year, Attaphoto Magazine presents the shots taken by photographers who own an Attaphoto pinhole and are registered with the social group Flickr ®"Attaphoto pinhole magazine". Within the pages of Attaphoto Magazine, readers will find in-depth tests of Attaphoto products, as well as ancillary equipment, technical reports on pinhole and analog photography in general, interesting tips for users, exclusive reports and much more.

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Unique photographs, like every beat of your heart

Witnessing moments of life through an instrument that captures the poetry that surrounds you

News by Attaphoto

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Keep in touch about news and events by Attaphoto

In addition to the newsletter dedicated to subscribers to our e-commerce site you can access the section dedicated to news on attaphoto products and commercial initiatives dedicated to its products on this site. Stay updated and visit our news:

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