Discover the Attaphoto world

Auloma S.r.l produces pinhole cameras, a device that uses the camera obscura principle to projecting an inverted image onto a standard photographic film size 135, 120 or on photographic paper. Thanks to our very small pinhole, the shots executed will be extremely sharp, obviously in the context of analogue photography performed by pinhole cameras. You can buy Auloma products on its online shop

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A union of tradition and technology

A union of tradition and technology. Our pinhole cameras have modern shapes and are made of composite material, a mixture of resins and graphite that makes them resistant to time and wear.

Freedom can also be found in the minimal

Freedom can also be found in the minimal. The absence of any electronic or mechanical technology makes the pinhole cameras ideal for those who want to try the experience of photographing in the purest and most extreme way of the lo-fi philosophy. It will be just you and the pinhole camera.

Create your artworks with light

Create your artworks with light. The pinhole, unlike the lens, allows the passage of the entire light spectrum, sometimes giving unpredictable effects, pinhole photography is artistic and the slight blurred effect that they give reminds us of painting.

For those who believe in film

For those who believe in film. Our pinhole cameras are equipped with systems to optimize film consumption, limit the risk of scratches and reduce stray light.

The pleasure of  have something unique

The pleasure of have something unique. All our pinhole are handmade and finished making them unique and special objects.