Pinhole spare parts

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Spare parts for Attaphoto pinhole cameras

Owners of an Attaphoto camera may require spare parts to keep their devices efficient at all times. To request spare parts, it is necessary to fill the downloadable form in PDF format and to fill it in all its fields. Attention, spare parts do not include assembly instructions, nor the relevant equipment to perform the work of replacing parts correctly. Any operation of replacement of parts that make up an attaphoto camera performed autonomously by their owners or by third parties, are performed at their complete risk. Any claim for failure or incorrect functioning of a camera attaphoto that undergoes a replacement of parts with original spare parts, but performed independently by customers or third parties, is excluded.
To avoid camera malfunctions due to incorrect assembly of spare parts, please entrust these operations to our repair and maintenance service. For more information see the page:

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Spare parts request form